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Welcome to my website!
My name is Tony Lopez, and I like pizza. And technology, of course!

That's why I have built this site. I wanted to share as many high quality tech dictionaries and useful tech resources with as many people as possible.

Contact me if you see a great site or resource that can help other people learn more about technology.
The Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology -
This website includes over 650 articles on photonics, laser technology, fiber optics, lightwave communications and general optics.
Computer Dictionary -
A comprehensive computer reference manual which includes over 20,000 definitions, covering both software (including operating
systems) and hardware.
Gartner's IT Glossary -
A trustworthy guide which can help beginners discover the meaning of various terms and definitions that are used in the IT
A Dictionary of Computing -
Claims to be the most up-to-date and authoritative computing guide. And you know what? It may be true! This dictionary contains
close to 7,000 entries, covering networks, databases, XML, and so on.
Computer Dictionary -
The Computer Dictionary has almost 15,000 computer-related terms. The website allows you to search for a particular term, or
browse the listings alphabetically.
TechDictionary -
Includes thousands of technology terms. The key topics are computers, Internet, emoticons, chat abbreviations, HTML tags,
domain name suffixes, etc.
The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know -
A tech resource that not only defines each term, but also offers helpful resources for people who want to learn more about a
particular concept.
ComputerUser's Dictionary -
Thousands of tech terms explained using plain language that can be understood by anyone.
Computer terms, dictionary, and glossary -
A list with close to 15,000 computer terms and definitions. Includes the word of the day, a random term generator and the top 10
most visited pages each month.
The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, aka FOLDOC, contains acronyms, tech jargon, information about the most used
programming languages, various tools, operating systems, networks, and much more.
The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary -
An online dictionary which allows you to look up tech definitions. It's got the "term of the day" feature that can be found on a few
more sites, but it also features quizzes, which can help people learn their tech terms much faster.
Techopedia's Technology Dictionary -
Unlike other tech dictionary sites, Techopedia's terms include additional resources that help explain the words much better (think
related resources and real world examples).
Webopedia -
Webopedia is an online tech dictionary for students, educators and IT professionals.
ChartsBin -
Create your own interactive map fast, and then embed it into your own website. No need to install any piece of software or code
Data Alliance -
A virtual warehouse for Wireless ISPs, manufacturers, integrators, city governments, property companies and various resorts. Stocks
hard to find Ubiquiti & MikroTik items. A great source of hardware for my network-related projects.
Easelly -
One of the easiest to use infographic makers. The free account is limited, but the paid version costs only $3 per month. A must
have for people who want to add reports, graphs and infographics to their blog posts.
Inkscape -
A powerful, 100% vector graphics editor. It's similar with CorelDraw, but without having a price tag! Works with the SVG file format.
Slidestory -
Combine pictures and narration to create exciting presentations, and then share them on the web.
Ardour -
A fantastic, free digital audio workstation which allows you to record, edit, and then mix your music on Linux, OS X and Windows.
Highly recommended!
Paint.NET -
A simple, easy to use photo editing application for Windows, which reminds me of the good old Paint Shop Pro, while it was
developed by JASC.
Sumo Paint -
The equivalent of the application above, but in your browser. Open and save images either from/to your computer, or from/to the
CamStudio -
Record video and audio on your computer, and then save the output as AVI or Streaming Flash Videos (SWFs).